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At Education My Way we understand that there are many paths to success, we're here to make sure you enjoy the journey.

Our Vision

We see our students as lifelong learners who seek knowledge at whatever stage of life they're in. And as an advocate, we support students from all walks of life.

What we offer

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Tutoring and Homework Assistance

Scholars consult an education specialist on the academic program best suited to their talents, aptitude, and interests.

Professional Development/ Training

Enabling educators with the knowledge and skills needed to address student challenges in special education.

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Woman Drinking Coffee During Daylight

Vocational Rehabilitation

Assisting with job placement, developing training skills and work readiness

Our Mission

We strive to promote self-advocacy within underserved communities through training, service and professional development.

Special Education Parent Assistance

Proven Instructional Strategies

Customized Learning Tools

How We Can Help

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Educational Consulting

EC-12 Public, Private and Charter

We offer virtual and in-person training on PK-12 grade campuses (focusing on classroom management techniques and strategies)

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Special Education Advocacy

Serving all students receiving special education services

We help parents and caregivers understand and prepare for the special education process.

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ARD/IEP Facilitation

Review, Progress Monitroing and Participation

We offer individualized ARD/IEP participation or reviews

Christina Proctor


A teacher, but a parent first, committed to helping parents and caregivers of children with special needs.

Meet the Team

Ann Perez

Behavior Health Coordinator

Mental Health Specialist ​dedicated to supporting parents ​and children by advocating and​ supporting mental health. ​

Eunice Villegas

Biligual Transtion and Rehabilitation Specialist

First-Generation college graduate with a passion to help underserved students excel in education.


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Mailing Address

5900 Balcones Dr. Austin, TX 78751

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Phone Number

(832) 464-6859

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